I approach my candle making as an expression of art and positive energy. Creating the perfect atmosphere for you personal space is very important. Candles provide additional warmth and energy to the home. Each scent is carefully mixed with different notes to suit your style and environment. Elegance, glamour and a lot of love goes into making each and every one. At Victoria Grace Air, we strive for the cleanest and best quality products. Our candles are vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, all natural and clean burning.







“Today’s world is all about taking reusable items and creating something new and interesting. Communities are looking to support “mom and pop” type companies not only for the success of entrepreneurs but also for the quality that comes with items from these types of entities. Supporting local shops and small businesses is where our consumer economy can move towards for better quality high-end products. The idea of over-consumption is outdated as we are moving towards a more minimalistic approach to our homes an environments.”

“Less is more”.

“Quality and uniqueness over quantity”.

- Mary Arena, Ceo and Creator-